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Vehicle Activated Sign for Culworth

By Jose Rowling Culworth Parish Council

Tuesday, 20 April 2021


Culworth Parish Council Contributor


VAS (Vehicle Activated Sign) for Culworth

"After over three years of negotiation, Northants Highways have at last agreed to fit a Vehicle Activated Sign in Culworth.

The cost of the sign will be funded by HS2 who have offered funding to improve traffic safety in villages near the line of the railway.

The sign tells the drivers the speed they are doing. We have agreed with Northants Highways that we will have one device, which can be moved from location to location. We have agreed three locations. Two of these locations will be where the Old People signs are at the eastern end of the village, and will replace those signs that are no longer applicable as the old people’s home has been closed. The third sign will be at the western end of the village opposite Gate House Farm. These locations have been agreed after discussion between the Parish Council and Northants Highways.

We are advised that the new poles for the device should be in place in June, and the device will be supplied shortly thereafter. The device is solar powered so needs no electrical leads.

Stuart Rolt"

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