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This page will contain news items and documents relating to the HS2 development near the village.  It will not necessarily be a comprehensive collection of up-to-date information.  Please visit the official HS2 website for full details:

News Items

Date Details

June 2022

Please see the June 2022 Update below for details of road closures on Banbury Road and Sulgrave Road between 6-12 June and 20 June to 10 July 2022.

May 2022

Chipping Warden Green Tunnel update - see the link below:

In preparation for the main construction phase of the Chipping Warden Green Tunnel, we will soon begin receiving deliveries of precast tunnel segments. The segments for the green tunnel will be built in a factory in Derbyshire and then transported to Chipping Warden so they can be assembled within the excavated tunnel trench. Once in place, the segments will be covered with earth and landscaped to blend into the surrounding countryside.

The deliveries of these tunnel segments will be classed as abnormal loads and you will see HGVs carrying these distinctive, curved concrete structures to our Chipping Warden compound.

We expect deliveries to take place Monday to Friday, with approximately 10 – 15 deliveries each day. Wherever possible, we will minimise the impact on highway users by coordinating deliveries to avoid peak times.

In order to deliver our widest segments safely, we will require a southbound carriageway closure of the A361 for approximately 2 hours on Sunday mornings from 15 May, subject to consents. The southbound lane closure is required to allow the wide loads to safely pass through the narrow sections of highway near Wardington. We will make improvements and adjustments to this process once our initial deliveries are complete.


April 2022

See the attachments section below for detail of intermittent road closure of Banbury Lane in Lower Thorpe, due to begin on 4th April and last until 27th May, to allow for demolition of buildings.

February 2022

The traffic lights for the plant crossing area on the Banbury Road near Magpie Junction,  are expected to start operating in the second week of February. The traffic lights form part of our site access road crossing area and allow a safe and controlled crossing over the highway for vehicles using our internal road. I have included a map below to confirm the location.

The lights will only be active during our operating hours and will be manually controlled. This means that they should remain on green for highway traffic for the majority of the time and only change when a construction vehicle needs to cross.

We will be closely monitoring our plant crossing areas and check they are functioning correctly. Should you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact myself in the week, or the HS2 Helpdesk team over the weekends, on 08081 434 434 or email

Simon Davis, Engagement Manager


January 2022

News about archeological finds between Edgcote and Chipping Warden.  The discoveries are featured on an episode of Digging For Britain on BBC2 on 11th January 2022 at 8pm, and also in the iPlayer.

November 2021

Please see the November 2021 Notice attached below relating to a temporary road closure of Banbury Lane in Lower Thorpe which begins on 22th November until 16th December at the latest, plus a diversion of a section of footpath which will last for 4 years.  We have been assured that Banbury Road from Magpie to Bulls Lane and Banbury Lane will NOT be closed at the same time.

October 2021

Please see the attached Notification Letter which refers to the submission of an application by HS2 Ltd for approval of plans and specifications pursuant to Schedule 17 for works between Edgcote to Aston Le Walls including Chipping Warden Green Tunnel and associated works.

The application plans and documents may be viewed on the Council’s on-line planning register at:-

September 2021

Please see the documents section below for a Notification Letter from WNC which refers to the submission of an application by Hs2 Ltd for approval of plans and specifications pursuant to Schedule 17 for works between Greatworth to Thorpe Mandeville incl. Greatworth Green Tunnel and associated works. The application plans and documents may be viewed on the Council’s on-line planning register at:-

September 2021

Welsh Road at Trafford Bridge will be closed from 9.30am to 3pm between 13th and 17th September.  Please see the latest HS2 Newsletter attached below for more information about this and other news.

July 2021

The road between the Magpie and Marston crossroads will be closed from 5th - 9th July to allow work on resurfacing the entrance to the Greatworth Green Tunnel compound. The suggested diversion uses the lower road to the B4525 past Thorpe Mandeville.  The link below gives more details and the document is attached below:

May 2021

Please find below a link to our recently published HS2 Area Update for Greatworth to Thorpe Mandeville.

The newsletter can be accessed here: HS2 Newsletter (It is also attached at the bottom of this website page).

Should you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of these works, or if you have any additional queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Simon Davis

Engagement Manager

May 2021

Please see the attachments section below for details of plans to create a temporary new stretch of road from the B4525 near the Greatworth junction to Sulgrave Road.  Details also included relating to planned closure of the road between Thorpe Mandeville and the Magpie junction with a diversion via the B4525 back to the Sulgrave Road.  No dates provided as yet for when these changes are to take place.

April 2021

"Upcoming HS2 Main Works Virtual 1-1 Engagement Events

We are continuing with our main works virtual engagement events in your area, as Covid-19 restrictions are eased in line with Government guidance. We are offering people the chance to meet with our engagement team on a 1-1 basis.

We would appreciate if you could take the time to share these events with your local communities and on social media pages to promote the events to all.

Our next session for the Greatworth to Southam area (covering Greatworth, Thorpe Mandeville, Chipping Warden and Wormleighton) is on Tuesday 1 June, from 3pm-7pm.

Book your 20 minute slot here: Greatworth to Southam Eventbrite Link

Who are the events for?

For members of public, landowners, local residents or businesses who have queries about HS2 works in their area.

How are they structured?

The 1-1 meetings are held on Microsoft Teams and each session is 20 minutes long. Attendees can submit themes or questions ahead of the session to ensure we can prepare information and maps in advance, and have the right specialists on hand, whether it be a member of Engagement team, Traffic & Transport or our Environmental teams.

If you have any questions on these events or any suggestions, please email us at

Simon Davis, Engagement Manager"

March 2021

Following a question raised by the Parish Council Chair, Stuart Rolt, confirmation has been received from Chris James, Senior Engagement Manager for HS2, that there are indeed plans in place for a sound barrier on the north side of the Lower Thorpe viaduct, although the final design has not been settled. A further update will be provided to the Parish Council once the exact nature and detail of the barrier is known.